Steps in Starting Your Own Corporation

Being a corporate owner is a challenge since it requires one to follow all the required steps when starting a corporation. The success of a corporation depends on the foundation laid out by the way one follows the steps of starting a corporation. Below are the steps one should take to start a corporation successfully, it is wise to note that every step is important and should not be ignored.



Vigorous research on the business idea so as to balance and make the idea firm with the real business situations always validate the business idea with the current business situations before investing in it. A corporation must have a goal in the society such as solving a problem, offer something the market has a short supply of and also fulfill a need. Doing research assists one realizes business gaps in the society and how to solve them while gaining profit.


Choosing a Corporate Name and Appointing Directors


The name choice must always comply with the rules of your state corporation. The guidelines followed are that the name cannot be the same with another corporation name, the name must end with a corporate designator and the name cannot have words suggesting an association with the government. The state always offers guidelines for choosing the name under a fee before filing articles of incorporation. A corporation must have directors to make financial and major policy decisions for the corporation. Directors are appointed by and must not always be the owners of the corporation.


Make a Business Plan and Filing Articles of Incorporation


It is a must before starting a corporation to file the articles of incorporation with the state’s office in the capital city. Articles of incorporation don’t have to be complex; it involves filling a form provided by the state. Always make a business plan so as to achieve the reality of your business idea. A business plan is a necessary and a requirement for any new business. A plan offers guidelines to the business from the starting phase to the establishment and finally the business growth. In case you require financial assistance from financial assistance or investors, you must have a long business plan which has common sections used to validate the business idea. Moreover, if you do not require financial assistance a simple business plan is important and effective.


Making laws


Always create bylaws which are the main rules of the corporation. The rules are created involving the director and owner through a meeting. It is advisable to have a first meeting with the directors to create a good relationship before issuing stock certificates to the shareholders.


Acquiring licenses, permits and Accounting System


All business organization is effective when there is a strong and working system. There are varieties of licenses to apply for depending on the goods handled and location of your corporation. An accounting system is important to manage the corporation budget, filing taxes and setting prices and rates. It is important to always have an accountant to navigate through setting the accounting system to remove possible errors in guesswork. Of course, you might want to read on good money saving methods to get that much needed start up funds.